Migration and integration Population in private households by migrant background and main source of livelihood

Population in private households, 2023, by migrant background
Main source of livelihoodPopulation in private households
Totalwithout a migrant backgroundwith a migrant background in the wider sense
migration experience of their own
in 1,000

As of reference year 2020 there have been two types of results: first and first results. The results currently shown are first results.

Persons in private main residence households are reported.
During the Covid-19 pandemic the microcensus was redesigned methodologically. The results of 2020 onwards are therefore comparable with the results of previous years only to a limited extent. For details please refer to the methodological notes.

X = No data, cell blocked for logical reasons.

() = limited informational value because the numerical value is of limited statistical reliability

Unemployment benefit3,9041,5042,4003022981,604196
Unemployment benefit I768449319734717921
Unemployment benefit II (Hartz IV)3,1361,0562,0812302511,425175
Property, letting, interest8726602125042110( 10)
Support by family members19,28111,5777,7045584,0532,253840
Other public support3,0941,6351,45927425084491
Public assistance9714595111323532816
Benefits for asylum-seekers180X180XX169( 11)
Parental allowance53736617140398012
Long-term care allowance/other assistance1,40781059610217626751

As at 02 April 2024

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