Migration and integration Population in private households by migrant background and highest vocational qualification attained

Population in private households, 2023, by migrant background
Population in private households
Totalwithout a
migrant back­ground
with a migrant background in the wider sense
migration experience of their own
in 1,000

As of reference year 2020 there have been two types of results: first and final results. The results currently shown are first results.

Persons in private main residence households are reported.
During the Covid-19 pandemic the microcensus was redesigned methodologically. The results of 2020 onwards are therefore comparable with the results of previous years only to a limited extent. For details please refer to the methodological notes.

/ = no data because the numerical value is not sufficiently reliable.

() = limited informational value because the numerical value is of limited statistical reliability

With vocational qualification51,57541,49210,0833,4012,0124,132538
Apprenticeship and the like28,75024,0314,7201,7841,0431,540353
Master craftsman/technician and the like7,3165,9651,35153528644684
Specialised and engineering schools, GDR69568213/ ( 8)/ /
Bachelor's, total2,9441,7461,19723020772139
Bachelor's, vocational academy4972472505027166/
Bachelor's, university of applied sciences1,251878372889117716
Bachelor's, university1,196621575928937815
Master's, total2,1101,28183015512153914
Master's, vocational academy1777510215( 9)77/
Master's, university of applied sciences5343411934328117/
Master's, university1,3998655359785345( 8)
Diplom degree and the like, total8,5836,8771,70761229775643
Diplom degree, vocational academy1,0617912708733145/
Diplom degree, university of applied sciences2 7322 3174141778514012
Diplom degree, university4,7913,7681,02234817947124
Doctor's degree1,1779112668150130/
No data provided on type of qualification attained/ / / / / / /
No qualification attained14,3967,0437,3531,6966274,702328
Still undergoing training17,90510,4337,4722854,3781,854954
No response/ / / / / / /

As at 02 April 2024

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