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COVID-19: monitoring the impact of the pandemic on enterprises

The pandemic COVID-19 situation of exceptional severity determined the need for high frequency information on its impact over the enterprises. Statistics Portugal and the Bank of Portugal launched the Fast and Exceptional Enterprise Survey - COVID-19 (COVID-IREE), with the aim to identify the effects of the pandemic over the enterprises activity. This information was considered necessary to recognize trends and envisage lines to be followed to mitigate the economic impacts, namely over the enterprises. The survey was launched to a wide range of micro, small, medium and large enterprises representative from the different economic activity sectors, and a significant response rate (above 60%) was achieved in every edition. The survey included nine editions. It was launched in the week of April 6-10, 2020 and remained on a weekly basis until the end of April. From May onwards, the survey changed to a fortnightly periodicity. It was suspended after July and the last available edition refers to the first fortnight of July 2020. The enterprises cooperation was essential to make it possible to provide timely and quality information, and to help the country to face this difficult situation, contributing with relevant information for the implementation of public policies appropriate to this context.

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