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Eurostat data: Serbia in comparison
Capital- 2024BelgradeBerlin-
Currency- 2024Serbian dinarEuro-
Land areakm22023- 353,2964,103,987
Economy and finance
Gross domestic product (GDP) at market pricesbn euros2022603,87715,905
Gross domestic product (GDP) at market pricesper inhabitant PPS202215,55541,34735,425
GDP growth rate%20222.51.83.4
Inflation rate%202312.16.06.4
General government deficit/surplus% of GDP2022- -2.5-3.3
General government gross debt% of GDP2022- 66.183.5
Population projections1,0002100- 83,202416,074
Total fertility ratechildren per woman20211.521.581.53
Life expectancy at birth (female)years2022- - 83.4
Life expectancy at birth (male)years2022- - 78.0
Labour market
Employment rate (age 20 to 64)%202269.380.774.6
Employment rate (age 55 to 64)%202254.673.362.3
Unemployment rate (age 20 to 64)% of active population20229.33.16.0
Unemployment rate (age 15 to 24)% of active population202224.46.014.5
Pupils per teacher (secondary level)number202110.112.111.1
Early leavers from education (aged 18-24)%20225.012.29.6
Tertiary educational attainment, aged 30-34 (female)%202241.840.648.2
Tertiary educational attainment, aged 30-34 (male)%202228.838.137.4
Public expenditure for education% of GDP2020- 5.15.0
Public expenditure for R&D% of GDP20221.03.12.2
Hospital bedsper 100,000 inhabitants2021576.6776.0524.8
Deaths due to cancerper 100,000 inhabitants2020283.0240.3242.2
Healthy life years, age 65 (female)expected years2021- 11.49.9
Healthy life years, age 65 (male)expected years2021- 10.29.5
Social issues, living conditions
People at risk of poverty or social exclusionpersons in mn20221.917.395.3
At-risk-of-poverty rate% of population202220.014.716.5
Overburding by housing cost% of population202213.111.88.7
Inability to face unexpected financial expenses% of households202232.933.531.5
Industry, trade and service
Industry% of GDP202223.924.020.6
Manufacturing: production index% change on previous year20230.6-0.9-1.6
Retail trade: turnover (deflated)% change on previous year2023-2.1-3.0-1.8
Building permits% change on previous year202215.3-7.12.0
Agriculture, forestry and fisheries
Agriculture, forestry and fisheries% of GDP20227.71.01.9
Area under organic farming% of UAA2021- 9.7-
Roundwood production1,000 2022- 78,872509,286
Fishingtonnes2022- 161,845.
Foreign trade
Exportsmn euros2022- 1,593,285.42,572,130.6
Importsmn euros2022- 1,505,152.93,006,697.2
Foreign trade balancemn euros2022- 88,132.6-434,566.6
Air transport passengersmn20226.0155.3819.8
Passenger transport% passenger cars202188.888.886.3
Passenger transport% trains20210.66.56.0
Freight transport% railways2021- 19.017.0
Environment and energy
Greenhouse gas emissionstonnes of CO2 equivalent per capita2021- 9.47.9
Greenhouse gas emissionsIndex (1990=100)2021- 61.672.0
Energy dependency rate% in gross domestic consumption2022- 68.662.5
Renewable energy% share in gross final energy consumption202224.720.823.0
Science and technology
Gross domestic expenditure on R&D% of GDP20221.03.12.2
Share of women researchers% of total researchers202152.329.433.7
Internet use% of persons (aged 16 to 74)202385.492.591.4
Broadband access% of households202181.488.890.2

. = Numerical value unknown of confidential.
- = No figures or magnitude zero.

Source: Eurostat

As at 15 February 2024


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