Europe ESS Innovation Agenda

More information about the innovation agenda adopted by the ESS

In recent years, the ESS has been faced with increased demands from users for it to be more responsive and agile, especially in times of crises, and to expand the
range of its statistics and improve their timeliness and the level of their detail. The financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic have demonstrated like never before
the value of accurate and timely data, especially for democratic decision-making processes. They have also revealed that the ESS needs to improve its statistical production.

The main goals of the ESS innovation agenda are therefore to:

  • strengthen the ability of the ESS to respond rapidly to new and urgent user needs;
  • augment products and service portfolios for meeting policy needs (e.g. new metrics and statistical insights, more granularity, timelier statistics, better access to the portfolio of products);
  • realise efficiency gains to free up resources;
  • strengthen resilience to shocks and adapt to societal changes