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Eurostat regional yearbook - 2017 edition

The Eurostat regional yearbook 2017 gives a detailed statistical picture of the regions of the Member States of the European Union (EU), as well as of the regions of EFTA and EU candidate countries based on texts, maps, figures and tables.

It treats the following areas: regional policies and European Commission priorities, population, health, education, the labour market, the economy, structural business statistics, research and innovation, the digital economy and society, tourism, transport and agriculture. Two other chapters look at European cities and rural areas.

The Statistical Atlas is an interactive map viewer, which contains statistical maps from the Eurostat regional yearbook and provides the possibility to download these maps as high-resolution PDFs.

The most recent version of the Eurostat regional yearbook is available in Statistics Explained in English, German and French.

You can order a single copy in print for free of the edition 2016 and the edition 2015 at the EU-Bookshop.

Back issues are still available.

Date 2017-09-14

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