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General and regional statistics

The section general and regional statistics includes cross-sectional publications such as the Eurostat Key Figures Pocketbook. The main annual publication in terms of regional statistics is the Eurostat Regional Yearbook.

Economy, finance

This section offers access to all Eurostat publications relating to economic or financial topics. This includes publications on taxation, public finance and prices.

Population, labour and social issues

The section population, labour, social statistics offers publications highlighting issues such as demography and migration, education, health, employment and other social aspects of life.

Industry, trade and services

The section industry, trade and services offers publications dealing with enterprises from all economic sectors. This also includes publications on short-term economic indicators. The topics tourism and information society are also included in this section.

Agriculture, forestry, fischeries

The section agriculture, forestry, fisheries includes publications on agricultural production, prices and farm structure, on fishing and aquaculture, on forestry and organic farming. The pocketbook "Agriculture, Fishery and forestry" offers a good introduction to this statistical theme.

Foreign trade

This section features publications that deal with foreign trade statistics. They highlight interesting aspects of the exports and imports within the European Union and beyond the EU.


This section offers all publications relating to passenger and freight transport. Alongside the Eurostat publications, this section also includes the Pocketbook on European Transport Statistics which is published by the Transport directorate of the European Commission on a regular basis.

Environment and energy

The main topics covered by the publications in the section environment, energy are the production and consumption of energy, energy prices, air emissions, water, waste and biological diversity.

Science and technology

Please consult the section science, technology for publications on enterprise innovation, patents, higher education and research and development.


Using the selection menu above you can access the publications released by the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat). All publications are available for download free of charge in PDF format.

Publication released by Eurostat and Destatis

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"The Life of Women and Men in Europe" is a digital publication released by Eurostat and all EU Member States. The publication offers a wide range of data on everyday life in Europe from childcare to retirement age. Interactive graphs make the comparative EU data more easily accessible.

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