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Interactive graphs and maps can help to illustrate some of the key messages and trends hidden away in rows and columns of statistical data. This page offers a range of tools and applications – mainly published by Eurostat – that help to visualize European statistics in a meaningful and memorable way.

For visualised material of the Federal Statistical Office please go to the national pages.

Country profiles

The country profiles allow for a direct comparison between two EU Member States on the basis of a large set of indicators. Links lead to the corresponding tables for data on other Member States. The profiles are also available as an app for mobile devices.

Regional atlas

The regional atlas contains choropleth maps taken from the Eurostat Regional Yearbook. European regions are analysed on the basis of 50 indicators. The Eurostat App My Region enables quick and easy access to regional EU data via smartphone or tablet.

Regional Statistics Illustrated

This interactive application offers a range of visualization options for numerous indicators at regional level. Data is illustrated using maps, bar charts, boxplots and more. The application enables regional comparisons and trend analyses over time.

Inflation Dashboard

This application analyses the trends in consumer prices in the European Union. It visualizes changes in the inflation rate for various products and countries and shows for example where energy prices have increased sharply or food prices have remained stable in recent years.

Tables, Graphs and Maps (TGM)

Eurostats data is divided into two main sections: Besides the more complex database, Eurostat offers easy-access main tables featuring frequently requested data. These are found under the heading tables by themes in the database and include visualization options.

App Economy

The EU Economy App offers mobile device users access to the most important economic indicators for the EU and Eurozone countries. The app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. A short brochure includes an overview of what this app has to offer.

You in the EU

The infographic "You in the EU" enables you to compare your personal situation and your living conditions with men and women of your age group in your country or in a different EU Member State.

Economic trends

This visualisation tool offers an overview of eight key economic indicators illustrating the development in recent years and enabling a look at the situation in each country compared to the EU average.

Country in a bubble

All EU and EFTA Member States are represented by a bubble in this application which shows how the countries compare based on roughly 60 social and economic indicators. The settings include a highlighting function for users wishing to concentrate on a certain country.

EU Government expenditure

This interactive data visualisation tool enables a detailed look at the government expenditure in the European Union and the individual EU Member States. The expenditure is presented according to the COFOG classification of the functions of government.

Quality of Life

This Eurostat tool illustrates the quality of life in the EU Member States based on key indicators on issues such as health, safety and housing. Info buttons provide more background and the compare button displays the EU minimum and maximum for each indicator.

European Central Bank: Euro Area Statistics

The European Central Bank offers a tool which visualizes numerous euro area and national central bank statistics. The tool includes a range of indicators and is available in more than 20 European languages.

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