Europe Germany: 11.8% living in households overburdened by housing costs

In 2022, 11.8% of Germany’s population lived in households which were overburdened by housing costs – i.e. they spent more than 40% of the total disposable household income on housing.

The financial burden is determined, irrespective of whether a respondent lives in rented accommodation or in their own home. Germany is in fact the EU Member State with the highest share of people living in rented housing. Here, more than half of the population (53.3%) were tenants in 2022.

Data as of 30.10.2023. The latest data can be found in the Eurostat Database. A detailed definition and further data on the at-risk-of-poverty rate in Germany can be found on the national topic page. Further EU data on monetary poverty can be found in the Eurostat database.