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At-risk-of-poverty and/or social exclusion

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Housing cost overburden rate

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Share of population living in rented accommodation

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Income distribution


Statistics explained: Encyclopedia of European statistics

Key figures on European living conditions - 2023 edition

This publication provides a comprehensive overview of living conditions in Europe. The first section describes income distribution and inequality, shedding light on social and financial disparities across countries and focusing on the challenges that certain groups face in accessing necessities. The second section covers households’ characteristics and the employment situation of household members. It also provides information on living arrangements and the impact of these factors on overall well-being. The last section describes factors such as access to healthcare services, health and disability - also from a socio-economic perspective.

Key figures on European living conditions - 2023 edition

Young people in Europe - a statistical summary - 2022 edition

This publication provides information concerning the situation of young people in the EU, its Member States and EFTA countries today for the areas of demography, education and training, employment and entrepreneurship, health and well-being, social inclusion, and digital world.

Young people in Europe - a statistical summary - 2022 edition

Housing in Europe - 2023 interactive publication

This interactive publication shows figures on many different aspects of housing across Europe.

The life of women and men in Europe - 2022 interactive edition

There are large differences between the lives of women and men in Europe, but there are also similarities. This interactive publication aims at comparing women and men in their daily lives. It also shows how similar or different the everyday life of women and men is in European countries.

Living conditions in Europe - 2018 edition

This publication describes the living conditions in Europe. It covers the following areas: poverty and income inequality, living standards, quality of housing and the living environment, along with their interrelationships with the labour market and health status. Other topics are aspects of social participation and integration.

Living conditions in Europe - 2018 edition

Sport statistics - 2018 edition

This leaflet provides an overview of data on sport which are available in Eurostat. These statistics are derived from different data collections at EU level and concern such domains as employment, international trade or participation in sport (active and passive).

Sport statistics - 2018 edition


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