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Employment of women: Germany has the third highest employment rate in the EU

Compared with the other EU countries, Germany has the third highest female employment rate. In 2017, 18.4 million women aged 20 to 64 were in employment in Germany. This equates to 75.2% of the this age group. The employment rates were only higher in Sweden (79.8%) and Lithuania (75.5%). The proportion of women in employment was lowest in Greece (48.0%), Italy (52.5%) and Croatia (58.3%).

The female employment rate has increased substantially in Germany over the last decade. In 2007, it amounted to just 66.7%. The most significant increase has been recorded among older women. The employment rate of 60 to 64 year old women rose from 24.9% in 2007 to 53.3% in 2017. Despite this marked increase, women are still significantly less likely to be in employment than men. The employment rate of 20 to 64 year old men in Germany was 83.1% in 2017.

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