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Minimum wages range from 261 to 1,999 euros per month within the EU

As of 2018, 22 of the 28 EU Member States had introduced a legally binding minimum wage. However the range of the minimum monthly wage varied consid­erably: Most of the eastern EU Member States had a minimum gross wage of less than 500 euros per month, the lowest being Bulgaria with 261 euros. However, Slovenia (843 euros) surpassed Portugal (677 euros), Greece (684 euros) and Malta (748 euros).

In the western EU Member States the minimum wages exceeded the 1,000 euros level, reaching 1,498 euros in France and Germany and a maximum of 1,999 euros in Luxembourg. Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Italy and Sweden are the six EU Member States which have not agreed upon a set minimum wage.

Data regarding European minimum wages can be found in the Eurostat Database and in an edition of Statistics explained (including data on minimum wages in PPS).

More data on minimum wages in Germany are available on the national topics page.

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