Europe Businesses with high speed broadband: Germany above EU average

Of all enterprises with at least 10 employees in Germany, 89% had high-speed web access in 2022. Fast internet access is defined as a fixed broadband connection with a contractually agreed data transfer speed of at least 30 Megabits per second (Mbps). Compared to other EU Member States, this places Germany in the upper mid-range, above the EU average of 84%.

In Denmark, 97% of enterprises were equipped with internet of at least 30 mbps data transfer speed. Enterprises in Romania (95%) and the Netherlands (92%) also had a considerably higher coverage of fast speed internet. Austria (69%), Latvia and Hungary (each 66%) had a relatively low coverage.

For more data on ICT in European enterprises, please consult the Eurostat database. Detailed data on ICT in German enterprises is available on the main Destatis website in the ICT section.