Europe Public transport: popular in Austria and Hungary

An end to traffic jams and parking problems, time to enjoy a good book and also a chance to do your bit for the environment – public transport has a number of advantages. Nevertheless, in 2021, travel by bus, tram, metro and rail accounted only for less than 15% of motorized passenger transport in the EU. The car remained the by far most common form of transport (85% in the EU, 88% in Germany). Germany’s public transport share (11%) was below the EU average (14%).

From an EU perspective, public transport was most frequently used in Austria (24%) and Hungary (22%).

This transport data is calculated using passenger-kilometres (pkm). Powered two-wheelers, air and maritime transport are not included. This data is taken from "EU transport in figures" (table 2.3.3), published by the General Directorate Mobility and Transport of the EU Commission. More facts on transport in Germany can be found in the national section of our website.

Last update: 21.09.2023