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Press release 134 / 2017-04-20: Producer prices in March 2017: +3.1% on March 2016

Producer Price Index

In March 2017 the index of producer prices for industrial products rose by 3.1% compared with the corresponding month of the preceding year. Also in February 2017 the annual rate of change all over had been 3.1%, as reported by the Federal Statistical Office.

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Press release 135 / 2017-04-20: 12.5 billion euros for non-university research in 2015

In 2015, non-university research institutions spent approximately 12.5 billion euros on research and development in Germany. The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) also reports that this was an increase of 1.3 % on 2014. In the same period, the number of people working in these research and development institutions (full-time equivalents) rose by 0.7% to 101,717. Academic staff accounted for 54,011 of these full-time equivalents, with nearly one third being females (32.4% or 17,475).

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IN FOCUS / 2017-04-12

Asparagus harvest, 2017: Fresh asparagus available on time for Easter

Due to sunshine and spring temperatures, the 2017 asparagus season has started earlier than in the previous year in many regions of Germany.

Asparagus is the number one vegetable in Germany. In 2016 it ranked first among German vegetables in terms of area under cultivation (27,000 hectares; +5% on 2015).
Regional focuses of asparagus cultivation are Niedersachsen (5,930 hectares), Brandenburg (4,410 hectares), Nordrhein-Westfalen (4,310 hectares) and Bayern (3,740 hectares). The quantity of asparagus harvested in Germany was roughly 120,000 tonnes in 2016.

The asparagus season in Germany will end on 24 June. Whether the harvested quantity reaches previous year's level will now depend mainly on the weather.

Detailed results are available under Publikationen.

IN FOCUS / 2017-04-04

More and more children and young people suffer from depression

On the occasion of World Health Day on 7 April, this year the World Health Organization (WHO) has put the focus on depression. In Germany, roughly 263,000 patients suffering from depression received full in-patient treatment in 2015. The number of treatment cases more than doubled since the turn of the millennium when there were 110,000 cases.

The patients treated included roughly 4,600 children and young people under 15 years who received in-patient treatment due to depression. Although their proportion in the total of treatment cases was rather small (2%), the increase in the absolute number of cases in this age group was particularly strong in the last few years. Compared with 2000, the number increased more than tenfold (2000: 410 cases).

In the age group of the 15 to 24 year olds, too, a large increase was observed: In 2000, there were roughly 5,200 patients treated on a full in-patient basis, while the number was nearly seven times as high (roughly 34,300) in 2015.

Current WISTA edition: energy prices had downward effect on prices in 2016

Energy is highly important for enterprises and households. Primary energy consumption per inhabitant in Germany, a country with a strong industry and high export ratio, was by a quarter higher than in the European Union. Despite the development of renewable energies, most of the demand is met by fossil energy sources of crude oil, coal and natural gas which, for the most part, have to be imported. The world market prices of energy fell by 17% in 2016 on an annual average compared with 2015, while consumer prices of energy were down 5.4%. Excluding the downward effect of energy prices, consumer prices in 2016 (+1.2%) would have been markedly higher than the overall inflation rate (+0.5%).

The price development in 2016 at the stages of importation, production, trade and consumption is analysed by Matthias Bieg and Dieter Schäfer in the 2/2017 issue of our WISTA scientific journal. In addition to energy prices, they analyse the development of food prices.

Key figures

Population31.12.201582.2 mn
Persons in employment4th Quarter 201644.0 mn
Economic growth (GDP)4th Quarter 20160.4%
Inflation rateMarch 20171.6%
Share in gross domestic product
Net lending20160.8%
Public debt201571.2%

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