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Press release 481 / 2018-12-11: January to September 2018: business insolvencies down 3.0% compared with the first 9 months of 2017

German local courts reported 14,715 business insolvencies from January to September 2018. The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) reports that this was a 3.0% decline compared with the same period a year earlier. The number of consumer insolvencies amounted to 51,201 between January and September 2018. This was a decrease of 5.1% from the first nine months of 2017. Including insolvencies of other private debtors and deceased persons' estates, total insolvency cases amounted to 83,195, which was a 4.3% decline compared with January to September 2017.

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Press release 482 / 2018-12-11: Proportion of households buying books down to 54%

20.2 million households in Germany bought books in 2017 (including e-books). The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) also reports that this was 54% of all households. Ten years ago, the proportion of households that purchased books was 65% (23.4 million households).

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Brexit Monitor: Interactive charts on the UK and its pending exit from the European Union

In March 2017, following the Brexit referendum, the British Government formally initiated the process which will ultimately lead to the country's departure from the European Union. It is currently difficult to predict the precise consequences, but the Brexit decision and the departure from the EU is expected to impact on the economy, foreign trade, the labour market and migration. Our Brexit Monitor looks at the development in the United Kingdom using selected socio-economic indicators. Since the country is linked in a number of ways with the other EU states, the interactive charts also present the development in Germany and in the EU as a whole.

Key figures

Population30.06.201882.9 mn
Persons in employment3rd Quarter 201845.0 mn
Economic growth (GDP)3rd Quarter 2018-0.2%
Inflation rate (CPI)September 20182.3%
Share in gross domestic product
Net lending20171.0%
Public debt201764.1%

European statistics

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Europe in figures features the wide range of data offered by the European statistical office (Eurostat) and enables comparisons between the EU Member States.

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The Brexit Monitor presents the developments in the United Kingdom, Germany and the EU based on selected socio-economic indicators.

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