Press Short-term release calendar

Fixed release dates for the 25th calendar week 2024 until June 21, 2024
serial no.1Press releaseReference periodRelease date
N029Price levels for hotel and restaurant services in selected holiday countriesApril 202417 June 2024
N030Prefabricated houses: construction work completed and prices202317 June 2024
231Foreign trade (detailed results)April 202418 June 2024
232Building permitsApril 202418 June 2024
233Debt of public budgets (Federation, Länder, municipalities)1st quarter of 202418 June 2024
25Figure of the Week on National Sleep Day (21 June 2024): daily duration of sleep by type of household and age group202218 June 2024
234Manufacturing (stock of orders)April 202419 June 2024
235Turnover in accommodation and food service activitiesApril 202419 June 2024
236Producer prices of services1st quarter of 202419 June 2024
237Abortions1st quarter of 202419 June 2024
238Producer prices of industrial productsMay 202420 June 2024
239Persons liable to income tax (income, gross wages, earnings replacement benefits)202020 June 2024
N031Educational attainment of 25 to 64-year-olds by qualification of parents and immigration history2021/202220 June 2024
240Prices of residential property (house price index)1st quarter of 202421 June 2024
241Early foreign trade indicator (exports to non-EU countries, provisional results)May 202421 June 2024
242Public Service Day (23 June 2024): statistics of public service personnel30 June 202321 June 2024
243Traffic accidentsApril 202421 June 2024

1: preliminary press release number.

Last update: June 14, 2024

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