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Press release 170 / 2016-05-23: Sales of the greenhouse gas sulphur hexafluoride up 22% in 2015

Groups of buyers of sulphur hexafluoride

In 2015, German gas traders sold roughly 1,119 tonnes of sulphur hexafluoride (SF6), which is an extremely strong greenhouse gas, for use in various economic sectors. The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) reports that this was an increase of roughly 22%, or 203 tonnes, on 2014. However, this quantity did not entirely enter the atmosphere as part of the gas is filled into closed systems and, consequently, is not (yet) emitted.

More : Sales of the greenhouse gas sulphur hexafluoride up 22% in 2015 …

IN FOCUS / 2016-05-23

G7 summit in Japan: G7 states responsible for approximately 47% of global GDP

From 26th to 27th May the Heads of State and Government of the seven leading democratic industrialised countries (G7) and representatives of the European Union will meet in Ise Shima, Japan. Key topics on the G7 agenda are developments in the global economy, foreign policy topics such as the Ukraine conflict as well as energy policy and climate change.

Although the G7 states make up about one tenth of the world population, in year 2015 they were responsible for 47% of global GDP and for approximately 33% of the worldwide exports in goods and services according to most recent data (2014).

For data on the G20 states, please consult the international section of our website. The Japanese government also offers a wide range of information on the G7 summit online.

IN FOCUS / 2016-01-11

Statistical data on refugees

On some aspects of the current debate in the media and in the political community regarding "refugees", "people seeking refuge", "asylum-seekers", "immigrants", "migrants" etc., data of the Federal Statistical Office can be used. Information on the number of asylum applications submitted and relevant decisions is available on the website of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

Among the statistics of the Federal Statistical Office, the following are relevant, among others: the numbers of inhabitants of intercensal population updates, migration statistics and statistics of foreigners. People seeking refuge and asylum-seekers are included in those totals (for example, in a municipality's number of inhabitants). However, in many cases, people seeking refuge and asylum-seekers cannot be shown - or only approximately - as a separate group. Also, data for 2015 are not available yet for many areas.

On our special page on people seeking refuge, we have compiled for you an overview of the different sets of statistics, including brief explanations on the contents available.

Database GENESIS-Online now also in English

From now on, the Federal Statistical Office is operating GENESIS-Online as a bilingual database offering an extensive range of data from all statistical subject areas.

The database is the main dissemination channel for the very latest statistical data. Currently, 222 statistics are available which contain a total of 720 million figures. You may now use the English language to retrieve data in accordance with your individual requirements by flexible table structures and visualise them interactively through diagrams or geographic maps. The results can be stored in various formats.

An exception to this are the Commodity Classification for Foreign Trade Statistics and the Product Classification for Production Statistics. These two classifications will successively go online in English at a later time.

Key figures

Population30.09.201581.8 Mill.
Persons in employment1st Quarter 201643.1 Mill.
Economic growth (GDP)1st Quarter 20160.7%
Inflation rateApril 2016-0.1%
Share in gross domestic product
Net lending20150.7%
Public debt201571.2%

Europe in figures

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Europe in figures features the wide range of data offered by the European statistical office (Eurostat) and enables comparisons between the EU Member States.

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You may register by 18 August 2016 for the 34th General Conference of IARIW in Dresden.

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