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Press release 152 / 2015-04-27: Import prices in March 2015: –1.4% on March 2014

Index of import prices

As reported by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), the index of import prices decreased by 1.4% in March 2015 compared with the corresponding month of the preceding year. In February 2015 and in January 2015 the annual rates of change were –3.0% and –4.4%, respectively. From February 2015 to March 2015 the index rose by 1.0%. 

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IN FOCUS / 2015-04-22

Wage conflict: Trains transported about 2.6 billion passengers in 2014

An agreement has still not been reached in the current wage conflict between the national operator Deutsche Bahn and the German train drivers' union (GDL). The train drivers have gone on strike several times since the conflict began - millions of passengers were affected by the work stoppages.

According to preliminary results, longer-distance and commuter trains transported approximately 2.6 billion people in 2014. Most of the passengers (2.5 billion) used the trains to cover shorter distances. Compared with a year earlier, the number of passengers increased by 2.1% in local transport. In contrast, the number of passengers using long-distance transport services declined by 1.8% (129 million).

The train drivers' strike hit not only passenger transport services but also rail freight transport. In 2014 the railway companies operating on the German railway network together transported a total of 365 million tonnes of goods, which represented a decrease of 8.7 million tonnes from 2013 (–2.3%). The main reason for this decline was the rail strike, due to which the volume transported was down 6.6% in October 2014 and 9.6% in November 2014 compared with the same month one year earlier.

Energy cheaper - Coffee more expensive

This is, in a nutshell, the price development in Germany in 2014: consumer prices for energy fell for the first time since 2009 in a year on year comparison - coffee drinkers, however, experienced the strongest price increase in Germany.

In their article in our scientific journal WISTA (2/2015), Sabine Touil and Dieter Schäfer analyse the price development across all stages of the economic process in 2014.

Prices decreased at the levels of imports, production of industrial products and wholesale trade. Producer prices of services, construction prices and consumer prices rose slightly in Germany.

WISTA is mainly a German language publication, but occasionally English articles are also included. As of 2015, every article starts with a short abstract in English.

Key figures

Population (30.09.)201481.1 Mill.
Persons in employment201442.7 Mill.
Economic growth20141.6%
Inflation rate20140.9%
Share in gross domestic product
Net lending20140.7%
Public debt201474.7%

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