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Press release 340 / 2016-09-26: Municipal deficit at 3.0 billion euros markedly higher in 1st half of 2016 year on year

The core and extra budgets of the municipalities and associations of municipalities (excluding city states) showed a total financial deficit (as defined in public finance statistics) of roughly 3.0 billion euros in the first six months of 2016. The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) also reports that the deficit was 1.9 billion euros higher than in the first half of 2015. A year-on-year comparison should take into account that the data provided for the first six months of 2015 were revised by several Länder, which led to a lower financial deficit.

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IN FOCUS / 2016-09-06

Inheritance tax 2015: 42.4 billion euros of business assets were transferred

On 8 September, the Mediation Committee of the German Bundestag and Bundesrat convened for the first time to discuss the reform of inheritance tax. The discussions focus on the question in how far company assets will be exempted from inheritance tax in future. At the end of 2014, the Federal Constitutional Court declared the exemption regulations regarding company heirs unconstitutional.

In 2015, the Länder received a total of 6.3 billion euros of inheritance and gift tax, which was a new record level. The receipts were up by 15.4% compared with the previous year.

In 2015, the assessed property transfers by gift or inheritance amounted to 102.0 billion euros. Other property and business assets accounted for 42.4 billion euros each and, in terms of value, were the most important types of property transferred (41.6% each). On the whole, there were 15,832 cases in which business assets were transferred by gift or inheritance in 2015. In 231 cases (1.5%), these business assets amounted to more than 26 million euros. However, taken together, these cases accounted for 25.7 billion euros, or 60.6%, of all business assets transferred.

IN FOCUS / 2016-09-01

Free trade agreement CETA: trade with Canada up about 70% since 2005

While the EU and the USA are still negotiating the transatlantic trade agreement TTIP, CETA negotiations with Canada have already been completed. However, before CETA can actually enter into force, the national parliaments, among others, still have to assent to the agreement.

In 2015 Canada ranked 31st among Germany's most important trading partners: according to provisional results, goods to the total value of 13.9 billion euros were traded between the two countries. This was an increase of almost 70% compared with 2005 (8.2 billion euros).

On the whole, Germany exported goods worth 9.9 billion euros to Canada in 2015. Major export goods included motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers (2.9 billion euros) and machinery (1.6 billion euros). Imports from Canada amounted to approximately 4.0 billion euros. The most important import goods were ores (646 million euros).

Special issue of WISTA: The Labour Market and Migration

How can migrants be integrated into the labour market? This has been a much debated societal issue in Germany especially since migration increased sharply in 2015 but also before that time.

The special issue The Labour Market and Migration of our WISTA scientific journal, which is out now, discusses various aspects of that topic. What data are available on the subject from official statistics and what data will be required in the future? What is the current situation of migrants on the labour market? What opportunities do the high numbers of migrants offer in terms of securing the supply of skilled labour and what are the challenges involved? The special issue is based on selected papers presented at the scientific colloquium on The Labour Market and Migration of the Federal Statistical Office.

Key figures

Population31.12.201582.2 mn
Persons in employment2nd Quarter 201643.5 mn
Economic growth (GDP)2nd Quarter 20160.4%
Inflation rateAugust 20160.4%
Share in gross domestic product
Net lending20150.7%
Public debt201571.2%

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From 21 to 27 August 2016 the 34th IARIW General Conference took place in Dresden.

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